Alex Caccia, CEO

An entrepreneur with start-up experience in, media, technology, manufacturing and a background in finance and investment banking. After a career in the City as a fund manager, and subsequently in investment banking, Alex founded a successful sports equipment business called WaterRower Ltd. In 1999 Alex joined Sportal, a European dotcom start-up, where he was head of advanced technology development. In 2003 Alex was involved in forming The Cloud (WiFi Aggregator, sold to Sky in 2010). From 2005-2010 Alex was CEO of Marmalade Technology Ltd, a leading mobile applications cross platform software SDK. In 2012, Alex founded an exercise technology business called Muoverti Ltd.

Professor Adrian Thomas, CSO

Adrian Thomas is Professor of Biomechanics in the Zoology Department of Oxford University, where he founded and runs the animal flight research group. Other roles include aerodynamics and design consultancy with Gin Gliders, where he is a sponsored team pilot, and at the FAI (the World Air Sports Federation) where he is Chairman of the Paragliding committee. Key areas of study include Biomechanics, Aerodynamics and Evolution: using aerodynamic theory to predict optimal morphologies for specific aspects of flight ecology (flight missions), and test the predictions with phylogenetically controlled comparative methods, with mechanical model organisms, and with free-flying or swimming animals in the laboratory, or in the field.

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