About Us


At Animal Dynamics we know that nature’s evolved designs are more efficient, elegant and powerful than anything yet built by man. However, the last decade has seen revolutions in analytical technology that allow us to evaluate high-performance animals to a previously unachievable degree, and use cutting-edge science to understand the fundamental mechanisms underlying this performance.


The Big Picture

Previous biomimetic designs have focussed on reproducing single elements of these complex natural machines, but an owl isn’t an undetectable predator due solely to serrated wing-feathers, nor is a dolphin poetry in motion simply due to the design of their tail. The success of these animals is in the complete integration of every feature in a complete system. We believe that to truly emulate the joy of the design, we need to understand the entire process, from wing-tip to wing-tip, or head to tail.



Current man-made designs are wasteful. As engineers we have learned how to create speed when energy is abundant, by burning fossil fuels in a combustion engine; it is so much harder to deliver performance the way nature does, where every watt counts, and the shape and nuance of each design detail and arc of movement can mean life or death. We need to study, appreciate and enjoy the subtle solutions that natural systems have converged upon.



AnDy does not simply attempt to replicate the high-performance natural designs, but marries fine-engineering skills with a deep understanding of the fundamental mechanisms, to produce revolutionary machines that will change the shape of the future, taking inspiration from our environment in order to protect it, and capable of performance beyond anything currently found in nature or engineering.

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